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История изменений программы Directory Opus

Изменения в программе Directory Opus 12.9 (30.05.2018):

  • Fixed problem with Dropbox support when the Dropbox folder path contained unicode characters.
  • The latest Windows 10 update added a non-functional "Open in new tab" item to folder context menus. We now filter it out. (The similar "Open in new Folder Tab" item which Opus itself adds to the same menu is still there and still works).
  • Fixed "Launch" in the Visual Studio 2017 installer opening the folder VS was installed in rather than launching the program, if Explorer Replacement was turned on.

Изменения в программе Directory Opus 12.8 (26.04.2018):

  • Added support for Dropbox Smart Sync (Opus now recognises when files are "available online only", can display thumbnails for offline files, etc).
  • Added the ability to blur filenames and paths in the Lister, in order to take screenshots without revealing potentially sensitive information. The default Help menu has a new Secure Screenshot command in it which lets you take a secure screenshot of the current Lister or the whole desktop (with all Listers blurred).
  • Note that at the moment there is no blurring in secondary windows (progress indicators, error dialogs) or in dropdown menus (favorites, breadcrumbs path, etc).
  • The Clipboard SCREENSHOT command can take a screenshot of either the current Lister or the whole desktop, with or without blurring of filenames. By default the screenshot is placed in the clipboard, but it can optionally be saved to the desktop automatically. The command can also display an optional countdown timer for taking more complicated screenshots.
  • The Set BLURFILENAMES command can be used to manually turn blurring on and off in the current Lister, if you want to use an external screenshot tool.

Изменения в программе Directory Opus 12.3 (04.12.2016):

  • CLI DOSPROMPT command now works from a context menu in the tree (previously it would always be disabled)
  • The script Date.Sub method now works properly for years and months
  • Fix for item in the Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels list sometimes becoming unselectable if you renamed one item and then clicked another in the list before clicking anywhere else.
  • If you use Settings > File Types with the File Types dialog already open but minimized, it will now be restored.

Изменения в программе Directory Opus 12.2 (21.09.2016):

  • Fixed problem which could cause sort header to not appear in the default tab of a new Lister when in one of the icon modes.
  • Fixed problem with displaying correct filetype description for matlab .m files.
  • The Go FOLDERCONTENT=move (or =copy) command now works from the toolbar in the standalone image viewer.
  • Fixed problem which could cause slow startup with network favorites displayed in the tree.
  • Fixed problem which could cause the vertical scroll offset to be reset when going forwards/back in the history (instead of preserving the saved offset).
  • Scrolling horizontally in list mode by clicking the scrollbar gutter will no longer skip partially visible columns.
  • The relative date graphs are now based on the timestamps as displayed in the file display. So if milliseconds are not displayed, they also won`t be considered when calculating the graphs (same goes for seconds).
  • CreateFolder now works properly when pipe-separated names are specified on the command line (e.g. CreateFolder blah1|2|3).
  • Opus no longer inspects the contents of .tmp files in an attempt to generate thumbnails for them.
  • Updated to latest libpng (fixes problem loading image in https://resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=27326)
  • Fixed crash in Rename dialog that could be caused by having an empty new name string in Find & Replace mode and turning on the Rename matching filenames as one option.
  • The move up/down buttons in the Folder Options / Columns tab did not work correctly.
  • Select FROMSCRIPT (when used from a script, obviously) now works reliably with libraries.
  • The Copy WHENEXISTS argument is now respected when extracting from zip archives.
  • When copying files, the replace dialog now re-opens relative to its previous top/right position, so that the mouse doesn`t need to move to find the same button from one file to the next.
  • Fixed problem with folder sizes in infotips which could leave a partially calculated size behind if the initial calculation was aborted.
  • The Locate toolbar button in the Customize / Keys dialog will now flash the exact button the hotkey comes from rather than just the toolbar (and will expand sub-menus to make it visible, if needed).
  • If tree path highlighting is on and set to use the configured tab color, it now updates in real time when the tab color is changed. Ctrl-S (to save a preset) now works in the rename dialog even when the script editor has focus.
  • The Go OPENCONTAINER command now works correctly in conjunction with the EXISTINGLISTER argument.
  • Drop-down menu buttons (e.g. those generated by Go FOLDERCONTENT=button) can now be accessed from the keyboard.
  • When dragging items around on the File Type editor`s Context Menu tab, the line indicating where the item would end up could appear one item above or below the actual location.
  • The image viewer no longer resets the scroll position when moving from one image to another (unless the zoom level is also reset due to Preferences).
  • The Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files / Use internal picture viewer for... option didn`t work if the Left double-click event for the Recognized images filetype was undefined. It now defaults to Show if not set but can still be overridden via the filetype editor if needed.
  • On Windows 8 and 10, the Set Wallpaper command had to be run twice to be effective if the desktop had been set to a solid color. A workaround has been added so this is no longer the case.
  • Improved Lister resizing performance when resizing from top/left of Windows when composition is enabled.
  • Setting labels on files in library paths always saved the label to the config, ignoring the "save to NTFS" flag.
  • Fixed problem where labeled folders would lose their labels in the folder tree when moved/copied (until a tree refresh).

Изменения в программе Directory Opus 12.1 (04.09.2016):

  • Fixed problem which could cause a delay in opening the properties dialog on ctrl-doubleclick Ctrl+A is now trapped in edit controls in the utility pane (other keys like Ctrl+C already were)
  • Fixed problem which caused the return key to not get trapped in the rename dialog inline editor when macro mode was turned off
  • FIX: If you convert an image in-place, the Replace dialog opens. Double-click the thumbnail and it opens the image. The viewer has that image in the list twice so you can click from it to itself.
  • Rename script editor now opens with cursor at top rather than bottom of script
  • Fixed issue with grouped listview in Rename Presets and Prefs / Labels, where expanding/contracting groups could leave the list with an unnecessary h-scroller
  • Fixed bug where the jobs bar would open incorrectly in a new Lister if another Lister had the rename dialog (or any other dialog that blocks the progress bar) open.
  • Fixed problem with Viewer script object (the "files" property didn`t work, so it wasn`t possible to get a list of files the viewer was currently looking at).
  • Also added "Viewer.index" property to return the index of the current file
  • Fixed lister metadata panel not painting/resizing correctly when enlarged or maximized, due to change in 12.0.10.
  • Fixed repaint issues when Rename script editor is toggled and visual styles are disabled.
  • Fixed memory leak which would have shown up in various places, including filter labels that used the Type clause
  • Using the Set SAVEFORMAT command to save a favorite format interactively didn`t work
  • The option in the Folder Options dialog to clear the saved format and reset to a favorite did not work properly
  • The various element widths in the Rename dialog are now saved with DPI scaling information. Same for the dialog editor.
  • Fixed rename dialog problem where a saved presets width that was too wide could result in other controls being pushed off the side
  • Fixed problems with navlock tabs in tab groups not working when the group is loaded
  • Improved Rename dialog resizing when scripts add/remove custom fields

Изменения в программе Directory Opus 11.19 (09.06.2016):

  • Fixed inverted colors in some CMYK JPGs.
  • Fixed button editor duplicating the next line if you double-clicked the end of a line, and then crashing if you clicked OK.
  • Duplicating a folder over an existing one would incorrectly display an error ("you can`t copy a file over itself") for any files that clashed with existing ones in the target folder.
  • The Image command no longer requires CONVERT if either the WIDTH or HEIGHT arguments are specified (previously it needed both for CONVERT to not be needed).
  • Updated to 7z.dll v16 which includes security fixes.
  • Updated to latest UnRar.dll.
  • Fixed sorting error with Tags column.
  • Fixed ftp not logging into the Folder+ iOS FTP server app.
  • Lossless JPEG rotation was broken and always failed (falling back on lossy rotation if the command`s arguments allowed it).

Изменения в программе Directory Opus 11.18 (16.03.2016):

  • Fixed problem introduced in the 11.17.x betas that caused some toolbar buttons to not update their display correctly (e.g. the view mode buttons when changing view modes).

Изменения в программе Directory Opus (09.04.2013):

  • Fixed auto-hide toolbar slide and reveal options, introduced in a recent beta, being reversed for toolbars docked to the left or top of the screen.
  • Fixed recently introduced problem that meant Select SOURCETODEST / DESTTOSOURCE were case sensitive
  • Fixed problem in path completion that made it stop working temporarily when typing an alias followed by a folder name beginning with a reserved device name (e.g. /dopusdata/ConfigFiles)
  • Fixed path-completion pop-up`s borders not always painting correctly.

Изменения в программе Directory Opus (31.01.2013):

  • Setting a folder to the Music type did not give it a CD Cover thumbnail when shell folder thumbs were enabled.
  • Go TABGROUPLIST did not support the new tab group folders feature
  • Fixed a Print button placed on the toolbar not enabling/disabling correctly when changing folders
  • MTP - Split dialog showed internal filename for MTP files
  • MTP - fix non-file objects from appearing in the directory
  • MTP - the GetSizes command would stop after the first folder
  • GetSizes progress dialog no longer shows internal names for libraries/MTP

Изменения в программе Directory Opus (04.07.2012):

  • It was not possible to adjust times by a negative number of minutes (less than one hour) using the SetAttr META command.

Изменения в программе Directory Opus (23.04.2012):

  • The timestamps of copied files were not properly preserved if the copied file had associated metadata (ratings, tags, comment, etc) that was also copied.
  • The "Select previous folder when going up" option now really only applies to Go UP, and not whenever the new folder happens to be the parent of the old one.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the progress dialog’s percentage complete to be miscalculated.

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